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Searching for the Big One tells the story of JULIE, a 20-something former stripper who meets up with MIKE, who’s in his late 20’s.  The  location of their meeting is a cheap motel room just outside Toledo, OH.  And why do they get together? Simple: to have sex.

But it turns out not to be so simple at all! First of all, they’re interrupted by John, a volunteer from the Bible People who knocks on the door, intending just to come in and replace the tattered copy of Scriptures with a brand new one.  He ends up causing a guilt trip for both Mike and Julie, who have now lied to a man of God..  Their 24 hour quickie is quickly dissolving as other issues emerge too — issues from both their past and the present too.  Mike ends up taking a radical step that nearly costs him his life, and that forces the motel owner to kick the couple out of their room.  Both Mike and Julie are left searching for answers; they’re left searching for the Big One.  The film stars

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Julie says NO to Mike one final time.
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Julie remembering her life as a dancer at a club.

Mihajlo Kos as Mike;Searching For The Big One Trailer

Ella Modella as Julie;

Carolynn Roberts as Beth, the Motel Owner

Dave Campbell as John of the Bible People

Landon Hicks as the voice of the Doctor

Searching for the Big One is available for purchase on DVD at a cost of $35.99—purchase direct from Interquel Productions.