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Movie Poster for A Few Details About Me (C)2016





This film is con-currently in pre-production and production.  That is, we plan and shoot at the same time — we are trying something different in our approach to making it happen. A Few Details ABout Me Trailer can be found here.

A Few Details About Me is about Imogene, a solitary woman with few friends and very little ambition.  She tries to understand what her life is about, but discovers her life is meaningless.  She spirals down to an empty void. But how do you go about adding meaning to your life?

A Few Details About Me borrows somewhat from the “Slow Movie” tradition of  Van Sant, Jarmusch, Cristi Puiu, Todd Haynes (Safe), Jia Zhang-ke, Pedro Costa, Abbas Kiarostami among others. This is the third film for writer-director-producer John Stopa.

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