Who are we?

#Interquel. #logo, #film, #independent, #CanadianWe are a film and video production company based in the Renfrew County region of the province of Ontario, Canada. We love movies — especially +movies that explore the depths of the human condition. Ours are not action, guns-blaring, shoot-’em-up style films…. Not that there’s anything wrong with those! We just like to make dramatic films that look at human feelings and situations.
Our first feature film is Searching for the Big One starring Ella Modella and Mihajlo Kos, and featuring Carolyn Roberts and Dave Campbell. Searching… is the story of two people who get together to have

#Details #EllaRose #Indfiefilm #slowfilm #drama
Movie Poster for A Few Details About Me (C)2016
Official Poster for the film Searching for the Big One (c)2009

sex, be friends with benefits, but discover that they just cannot go through with it — each for their own reason.
Our current project is the film A Few Details About Me, which stars Ella Modella. It’s about a woman who discovers her life is meaningless. Both production and financing are con-currently underway.  The set completion date for A Few Details About Me is December 2017, with a release date set in 2018.
Our long-term goal for 2018 is to produce and film Shakespeare’s play King John. While it’s not one of his better known works, it is nonetheless one of the Great Master’s works, one that has never made it to the screen. We want to change that. Pre-production is underway.

Our e-mail address is: interquel@interquel.com